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Java Understanding of getSource() & action listener
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6/23/2013 · Java Understanding of getSource() & action listener [closed] Ask Question 0. ... ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form. For help clarifying this question so that it can be reopened ... is not to let the whole applet to implement Action listener, but just use inline ...
help with Action Listener | Oracle Community
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5/13/2005 · just doing a teach yrself java crash course, having a bit of trouble understanding action listeners, the first task was to add code so that a button would increment by 1 each time, and that was easy enough, however the second task wants to do it for two buttons.. im just not sure how to distinguish between the two action events.. heres the code ...
the getSource() and getActionCommand() - Stack Overflow
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We can use getSource() to identify the component and execute corresponding lines of code within an action-listener. So, we don't need to write a separate action-listener for each command-component. And since you have the reference to the component itself, you can if you need to make any changes to the component as a result of the event.
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5/30/2007 · ActionListener is an interface. Interfaces cannot be instantiated. This is from the API: The listener interface for receiving action events. The class that is interested in processing an action event implements this interface, and the object created with that class is registered with a component, using the component's addActionListener method.
New to GUI, need help with actionListener and buttons ...
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New to GUI, need help with actionListener and buttons . D Heaney. ... Better to use the getSource() method (this compares against the instance ... posted 8 years ago. Hi Foamy Caramel, I think you should use a common action listener if all the buttons do the same thing, regardless of buttons. I prefer using separate action listeners for each ...
ActionEvent (Java Platform SE 7 ) -
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The listener is therefore spared the details of processing individual mouse movements and mouse clicks, and can instead process a "meaningful" (semantic) event like "button pressed". An unspecified behavior will be caused if the id parameter of any particular ActionEvent instance is not in the range from ACTION_FIRST to ACTION_LAST.
How to Write an Action Listener - Oracle Help Center
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Action listeners are probably the easiest — and most common — event handlers to implement. You implement an action listener to define what should be done when an user performs certain operation. ... Object getSource() (in java.util.EventObject) Returns the object that fired the event.
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I would put in some code at the top of the actionPerformed function that displays a message saying the program is inside actionPerformed. Or you can add a breakpoint and do the same thing.
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Next, we can add the rest of the code you had in the constructor. Note that I've moved setVisible(boolean) to be the last call. It's better to call this only once all of the content has been added. pack() will make the frame as small as it can be while still fitting all of the components you want it …