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Di-ajenG-Kreuz-IIX: 2009 -
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Katekyou Hitman Reborn: Hibari Kyoya's Ringtones.. well, he's the only one who LOVE Namimori Anthem very much. *laugh* Here's the lyrics: Namimori School Anthem Midori tanabiku namimori no Dai naku shou naku nami ga ii Itsumo kawaranu Sukoyaka kenage Aah, tomo ni utaou Namimori chuu Asa tsuyu kagayaku namimori no Heihei bonbon nami de ii Itsumo ...
Dioscuri - lalunaticscribe - Katekyou Hitman Reborn ...
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2/3/2015 · Pensively, amber eyes considered the ground, up to the blue skies above their sleepy town of Namimori, to the whitewashed walls of their suburb and the neatly kept houses and roads laid out in grids and squares. This was the fourteenth year of their daily lives; laid out within the town, unheeded by time or space or distance.
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