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Chapter Product Catalog by Sigma Theta Tau International ...
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4/1/2019 · Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) provides chapter leaders with products and services that ensure chapters’ success in the areas of fundraising and gift giving ...
Graduation Stoles & Cords - Caps & Gowns, Tassels, Honor Cords
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Graduation regalia and apparel from Honors Graduation are available to anyone in academia, from students & individual purchasers to administrators that need to work with thousands of honor cords, sashes, stoles, or tassels every graduation season.. Honors Graduation is a US-based graduation supplier proud of our tradition of supporting schools of every level (25,000+ schools, clubs, and ...
Gold Honor Cords, Chords, College, Honor Society, Tassel ...
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Gold Honor Cords are our most popular seller in this category. Sets comes with two twisted cords. Each cord has a tassel on the end for a total of four tassels. Sets are shipped together tied or separately, however you choose.
Requirements | Honor Society
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White Honor Cords come as a set of twisted cords, with a tassel on each end of the each cord (for a total of four tassels). The honor cords are shipped tied together, or separately, at your option. Each half-cord is around thirty inches long, measured from knot to end of tassel (about sixty inches long when spread out rather than folded at the knot).
White Honor Cords, Chords, College, Honor Society, Tassel
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*Data taken from official National Honor Society honor cord provider website on 3/12/2013. National Honor Society Graduation Cords, called NHS Honor Cords on their official website, can be either a Blue and Gold Double Cord or a Double Gold Graduation Cord. Cords include a small golden charm.
National Honor Society Graduation Cord Comparison to NHS
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It is the mark of distinction for an institution to be awarded a Chapter of Alpha Beta Kappa. That fact that an individual is elected to membership in this honor society sets her or him apart as an exemplar of personal integrity and excellence. Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society Chapters
Honor Society | About Us | Ocean View, DE -
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The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), founded in 1925, is the nation's only certifying agency for college and university honor societies. ACHS sets standards for organizational excellence and for scholastic eligibility for the various categories of membership: general, specialized, leadership, freshman, and two-year honor societies.
Honors and Awards - Austin Peay State University - Acalog ...
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Benefits & Privileges: Delta Epsilon Tau is the premier national honor society for America’s accredited distance learning institutions. Delta Epsilon Tau only places Chapters in those institutions recognized by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.